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*** Available April 15 thru Oct 15 Only ***

Our detailing price is calculated by the foot for the length of your boat or Rv and is $15.00 per foot for a complete wash & wax & detail, for our boat customers only you may choose between having only your topside or rub rail down completed at the following prices, $8.00 per foot rub rail down, $9.00 topside. An additional $2.00 per ft fee will be added to all boats with a fly bridge due to the extra waxing & cleaning area's. For more details please contact us

  Exterior Wash, Wax & Detail

  • Wash exterior hull or topside, railings, windows & all fittings

  • Pressure wash all non skid surfaces to remove dirt & debri

  • Dry exterior

  • Apply a coat of wax using commercial orbital buffers and buff to a high gloss finish ( Gelcoat must be in good condition for application of wax, if oxidization is present Gelcoat can be buffed out at an additional cost, please inquire

  • We use Miguiar's products due to there durability and high gloss capabilities

  • All exterior rubber and vinyl is cleaned and dressed

  • All stainless steel railings and all fittings are cleaned and protected

  • Windows are cleaned inside & out

  • Cockpit is vacuumed to remove all lose debris (galley is not included in price but can be added as additional cost, please inquire if interested

  • Cockpit and all vinyl seats, dash, instruments, floor etc are cleaned and dressed up to galley door. Please Note this is a complimentary service, if a more thorough cleaning is required in the cockpit area please discuss details at time of booking, we will adjust pricing to reflect additional cleaning

  Interior Shampoo & Detail 

  • Clean & protect all surfaces

  • Vacuum interior carpet & upholstery

  • Steam clean all carpets & upholstery

  • Re-vacuum carpets & upholstery

  • Apply deodorizer - your choice (cherry, jasmine, new car, etc ) fragrance varies due to availability

Interior Odor Removal (Ozone Shock Treatment)

  • For the full details on this service please click Here

  Pressure washing

  • We can pressure wash all surfaces using pressure of up to 3200 psi with a wide variety of chemicals and solutions to achieve a desirable result

  • Great for getting out stubborn ground in dirt, mold, algae and grime on all non skid surfaces, Gelcoat & boat bottoms

  High Speed Buffing

  • Using a high speed buffer allows us to remove oxidization, minor scratches, polish & buff Gelcoat surfaces to a high gloss finish using various compounds and polishes

  • Contact us for quote

  • This service is an additional cost to the wash and wax package above

  Bottom Cleaning

  • We use a variety of commercial chemicals and techniques to remove stubborn staining and algae from your boat bottom caused from being in the water for extended periods of time, call for an estimate


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